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Electropy is a side scrolling action arcade title with a fundamental gameplay twist. Rather than directly moving your character, the idea is to grapple on to floating polygons in order to swing your way to the goal. The game features a wide selection of power-ups such as gravity change, invincibility, and flight thrusters to diversify gameplay. The title also includes over 125 levels of varying difficulty as well as the same fully functional editor we used to make all the levels in the game. Players are ranked via online scores that are uploaded through the game and can download replays of any submitted score.

December 16, 2007 Electropy Released!

We've released Electropy! Go buy it now from our online store for $19.95. We've also put an updated version of the demo for you to try out, which we recommend before purchase. Our thanks go out to all of our friends and family who helped us along the way, and to those who have tested and provided feedback to us.

November 24, 2007 Pre-Release Demo Available

We finished the release candidate on time and things were looking so great we decided to skip the second Electropy beta and go straight to a pre-release demo. The demo includes 36 levels, 6 more than the previous beta, as well as new graphics, features, bug fixes, Mac OS/X universal binary and original music by Josh Cutler. So go download it now!

November 5, 2007 Status Update

No, we aren't dead ;-) We've been busy, by next Sunday we are locking content and building our first release candidate. Just this weekend we finished getting the code for online profiles into the game and it's working great!

I noticed regretfuly that the account creation process was causing an exception. I made a mistake when I started adding a security layer to the site and it messed it up, but it's fixed now so if you tried before and failed, go ahead and try again. I'd also like to post a link out to my dev blog which, if you are interested, will post more in depth information about Team Phobic and also what I do. We'll see about getting some journals up from some of the other developers.

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